About Us

Enovírtua is an enterprise that aims to be the most completely virtual source of information about wines. We have as a mission to disclose the fascinating wine world to amateurs and experts, facilitating the access to information through Enovírtua Portal and to social medias.

Connecting amateurs with wine and accessory suppliers in order to generate businesses and improve sales.

We count on competent professionals in several areas to create the best strategies to make your business shine above the concurrency.

In Enovírtua Portal you’ll have several opportunities, among them:

– Take part on lectures and online courses;
– Support to form or improve your brotherhood;
– Know the best matches for your wine and your meal;
– Share information about the wine world;
– Count on a big variety of jokes to cheer up your festive environment;
– Access to legislation ans articles about wine culture;
– Everything and much more you will have access through the modules of Enovírtua Portal;

Wines: Where you search wines of the entire world, a variety of grapes, producer countries and all brands of wine.

Events: In this module, we’ll disclosure the events about wine culture in Brazil and in the world. Stay put to be updated about what is happening around you.

The events you can find:

– Fairs
– Expositions;
– Seminaries;
– Conferences;
– Courses;
– Lectures;
– Tastings;
– Happy hours.

EnoCulture: In this module, we have a great variety of information and articles about wine culture all around the world. Documentaries about wine glasses, corks, labels, wine regions among others. This module is subdivided this way:

– News;
– Special Documentaries;
– Legislation;
– Health and Welfare
– Enophile Tips;
– Wine Service.

Entertainment: In the happy hour moments, the distraction can come followed by good humor. Here we can find a big variety of jokes to cheer up the moment.

Enotourism: In this module is possible to make a tour through several wine regions, travel virtually through several producer countries.

Enogastronomy: several plates, specialties, recipes from the whole world at your hand, types of cheese and a bunch of recipes to match the wine of your preference.

Establishments: The best wine accessories you’ll find here in the Wine Shopping. Visit the stores of Enovírtua Virtual Wine Shopping and find what you search. A new store every moment.

Find the restaurant you look for to taste the wine of your preference at a place where you can buy it for your own consummation or offer as present for someone you admire.

Wine Brotherhoods: Form your own wine brotherhood without any bureaucracy. Join 10 or 30 people and send us your list, so we can do the rest.

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Publicity: Disclose your enterprise in Enovírtua Portal and have an excellent income of you investments.
Enovírtua is based on social and environmental values towards the satisfaction of its clients and to the interest of natural resources preservation for this one and for the next generations.

Online Courses: In order to the capacitance or improvement of beginners and professional of wine.

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ENOVÍRTUA the ultimate portal of wine.
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