Wine can improve performance by avoiding physical aging muscle

Wine can improve performance by avoiding physical aging muscle

The purpose of this article and the previous ones is indeed to trigger a campaign for the wine which unfortunately in Brazil, is still considered as alcohol and thus seen by Brazilian laws. Enovírtua believes that only through the enlightenment of knowledge and scientific researches we can change this sad situation and demonstrate the beneficial effects that wine brings to health.

The red wine can improve physical performance (Photo: publicity /

There are many health benefits of wine. Now, they discovered that red wine is a food that brings in its composition a natural antioxidant that positively influences physical performance improvement, in cardiac function and circulatory system, the resveratrol. Also found in some fruits and nuts.

A survey conducted at the University of Alberta in Canada suggests that the combination of RESVERATROL supplements and physical activity increase the beneficial effects of exercise.

The study was performed in mice. Two groups of animals were subjected to the same physical activities and one group received the supplement’s antioxidant compound and the other not.

After 12 weeks of follow-up, the mice that consumed resveratrol showed better performance than those who only did the exercises. The final report concluded that the substance helps prevent the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, it prevents aging of muscles and increases bone density.

According to the professor of Department of Pediatrics and Pharmacology at University of Alberta, Jason Dyck, the Resveratrol can help patients who want to practice exercises, but are physically unable. “The antioxidant can mimic the benefits of exercise for these people or improve the results of the activities done,” explains the researcher.

Red wine

It is noteworthy that the benefits are for the moderate consumption of red wine and that the substance is not a substitute for the exercise. The resveratrol helps slow the process of deterioration of the body and improves blood circulation. “It is very gratifying to the advanced basic research in the laboratory. We can proceed to human trials, in a short period of time.” He adds.

Red wine has more resveratrol than White wine

Dyck and his team will soon start using resveratrol in diabetic patients and in those ones with heart failure and to analyze whether the natural compound may improve cardiac function. The 10-week study is expected to begin in the coming months.


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