Wine helps fight obesity if consumed properly

Wine helps fight obesity if consumed properly

The whole world has been developing important research on the benefits that wine can bring to health. In a unique campaign to encourage greater consumption of wine in Brazil, Enovírtua will bring you a series of articles that clarify the multiple effects of this drink which was considered as the nectar of the gods for many and many generations.

Wine can help control obesity


“The wine is beneficial to health”, this is an affirmation researched and proven by several universities worldwide. The news is that recent research has linked moderate consumption of this drink to weight loss.

The University of Navarra, in Spain, followed more than nine thousand adults without chronic disease for six years. Some were frequent consumers of beer and other alcoholic beverages, others were abstainers.

The first group showed a significant weight gain when compared to the other. However, there was no association between frequent consumption and moderate wine with the increase of overweight or obesity, as other drinks. By contrast, the consumption of fermented noble drink was associated with weight loss.

Wine can help fight obesity

The University of Purdeu in the United States published a study in the Journal of Biological Chemistry in 2012 which suggests that red wine can help fight obesity. This fact is due to the piceatanool compound present in its chemical structure.

This substance is found in the skins and seeds of grapes, and also in other fruits such as passion fruit. It inhibits the process of development of adipose cells, preventing the accumulation of fat cells and thus the weight gain takes place more slowly, or not.

Resveratrol is a substance of the wine beneficial for health

The University of Ulm, Germany, had already performed a similar study in 2008. The conclusion from research suggests that an antioxidant present in wine, resveratrol inhibits the growth of adipose cells and prevents fat storage.

Moderate consumption

Many weight loss clinics include wine on the menu of their clients, mainly dry red because he has a lower calorific value. Importantly, the benefits of the drink of Bacchus arise with consumption in moderate and combined with a healthy diet.



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