Wine reduces risk of kidney disease and helps the kidneys to better perform its function.

Wine reduces risk of kidney disease and helps the kidneys to better perform its function.

Every day science achieves more progress and findings on the beneficial effects that wine plays in human health. So let’s eliminate the idea that wine is an alcoholic beverage and see it according to its wonderful properties and, of course, begin to consume it to be living witnesses of these benefits.


Research shows that consumption of wine can be beneficial to the kidneys (Photo:

Moderate and regular consumption of wine can benefit the kidneys, say scientists

More great news for those who enjoy good wines. A survey by the University of Colorado evaluated the moderate wine consumption and the likelihood of developing chronic kidney disease (CKD). The good results of this first study encourage scientists and study more about it.

The author of the research, Dr. Tapan Mehta, evaluated a group of 5,852 participants for a month. The evaluated were divided into two groups, the first group consumed less than one glass of wine daily and the second group was the entire month without taking any wine. As a result of the study, the group that ingested the drink regularly presented less risk of manifesting chronic kidney disease compared to the group that did not consume it.

Dr. Mehta said that the risk factors for kidney disease are the same as cardiovascular disease, “Previous studies have shown that consumption of wine has an association with the lowest risk of cardiovascular disease contraction in the general population.” Therefore, it was concluded that regular moderate consumption of wine, a glass least a day reduces the risk of contracting CKD, as had been demonstrated to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The researchers were not able to differentiate the type of wine that was consumed but Mehta noted that research has shown that people drink more red wine than white.


The researchers were unable to identify the type of wine more beneficial in the study (Photo:

Dr. Beth Piraino, president of the National Kidney Foundation, stated that the results of this study will promote an increase in research related to kidney disease and alcohol consumption.
Very soon we should have more news about it. Let’s hope anxious.


Source of research: Fox News – Revista Adega




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