Agribusiness on juices and wines should benefit 50 families of Petrolina[PE]

Agribusiness on juices and wines should benefit 50 families of Petrolina[PE]

The Agribusiness will be installed in Massangano Island. Juices, jellies, wines and sweets will be produced in place.

Grapes cultivated in São Francisco Valley (photo: Amanda Franco / G1)

The Massangano Island in Petrolina, in the hinterland of Pernambuco state, in Brazil, is known in the region for its cultural tradition. But a project intends to turn the town also into a commercial reference. From the first half of 2015, island residents will begin to receive training for the production of grape derivatives. Some vines are being cultivated and the first crop is expected to occur by the end of next year.

A juice and wine processing of agricultural industry is expected to be built on the island and should include 50 local families. According to the management of the Project Plant Petrolina Prefecture, Marlize Mainardes, the goal is to enable residents so they are able to produce juices, jellies, wines and sweets. “In the first year of the project they will receive a follow-up, but from the second year, they should take over the production and generate income for their families,” she said.

According Mainardes the agribusiness is awaiting the end of a proceeding for the release of space in order to starting the construction. “As the island is the union, the release area is needed for the start of works. Additionally, some equipments not made in Brazil need to be purchased. It is expected that the production start in early 2016, ” she said.

Agriculture industry should occupy about one hectare and the growing area should cover five others. According to the manager, there is still no forecast for the volume of products that will be generated. “Everyone on the island will benefit indirectly from the sale. The local tour will further strengthen,” she said.



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