Brazilian wines are popular in the United Kingdom

Brazilian wines are popular in the United Kingdom

Brazilian wines earn, each day, the most prestigious preferences in the international market. However, this reality is not the same in the domestic market. One of the great villains that contributes to the wines not be so prestigious in the national market is the high tax burden that renders Brazilian wines very expensive, making them still a luxury item on supermarket shelves. A vision of how our wines are seen abroad can help make this drink more national and handy to the pocket of Brazilians from all social classes.


Jane MacQuitty highlights Brazilian wines (Photo: publicity / The Times)

The critic of wines from The Times, Jane MacQuitty, elects two Brazilian wines as great highlights in the British summer

Rhythm is the Cup, but the eyes of the world are not only geared towards the ball rolling on the lawns. Brazilian wines are still gaining ground in the international market. In June 16th, the respected website The Drinks Business surveyed the wines more commented by English people in the media and guess from which country the first two are placed? Two Brazilian on top!


Sparkling Moscato produced by Salton, is the main highlight of the specialized media in the UK (Photo: publicity / Salton)

First is a sparkling Moscato from aromatic grape, and soon after, the intense Teroldego, both produced by Salton Winery, in the Serra Gaucha. Indications are made by the wine critic of the Journal Times, Jane MacQuitty. A globally respected expert one.
Exports to the land of the Queen started in 2012 and are part of the expansion plan of Salton in the foreign market. Currently, the winery exports to 14 countries including major markets like the United States, China and the Netherlands.

The highlighted wines

The complete line Salton Intense consists of four red varieties Cabernet Franc, Marselan, Tannat and Teroldego, a white wine, Sauvignon Blanc assemblage Viognier, a sparkling Moscato, one Brut, produced by Champenoise method and another done by the Charmat Brut method . The line comes from selected vineyards and has a limited production volume.

Salton Intense produced with the grape Teroldego also conquered the English preference (Photo: publicity / Salton)

The products are the result of a young crop, bottled between the months of September and October. With a different process, the line is produced without the maturation in oak, which gives the drink a lighter and fruity flavor, very valued features on the European and American market.

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